Referral Partner Training Sessions

We want all of our Partners to thrive and the key to your success in this program is education. To ensure that we are providing the knowledge you need to succeed, we host 45-minute training webinars that cover all aspects of our program so you are set up for success once you sign your agreement and beyond.

These webinars are great for veteran members too. Not only will they be a great refresher about our program, but will also cover any updates to our underwriting criteria along with any new industries that we can lend to. As you probably know, things can change pretty quickly these days! So, attending a training session periodically can help you tremendously when it comes to submitting the right type of deals to get funded.

Here are the main topics we will cover during the webinar:

•  Who We Are
•  What Makes Us Different
•  Who We Lend To
•  Minimum Qualifications
•  Our Unique Loan Products
•  Our Simple, Turnkey Process
•  Earning Potential

Upcoming Training Webinars

Please select from the dates listed below for the training webinar you'd like to attend.